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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mixed CD for a 63-year-old Mother

S P A R K L E H O R S E    |    it's a wonderful life    •    G I L   S C O T T   H E R O N   |    new york is killing me   •   J E N N Y   W I L S O N   |   like a fading rainbow   •   M O O R P A R K   I N T E R S E C T I O N   |   i think i'll go find find me a flower   •   R O Y K S O P P   |   the drug   •   T H E   C R A Y O N E T T E S   |   disco teeth   •   F L O R E N C E   &   T H E   M A C H I N E   |   swimming   •   M E M O R Y H O U S E   |   foreground (grizzly bear cover)   •   P A N D A   B E A R   |   you can count on me   •   J J   |   let go   •   F U T U R E   I S L A N D S   |   in the fall   •   E R L A N D   &   T H E   C A R N I V A L   |   my name is carnival   •   M A G N E T   |   lay lady lay (bob dylan cover)   •   S T E V I E   W O N D E R   |   higher ground   •   W I L L I A M   F I T Z S I M M O N S   |   so this is goodbye (pink ganter remix)   •   M I C H A E L   F R A N T I   &   S P E A R H E A D   |   say hey (i love you)   •   C H A R L E S   T R E N E T    |   boum   •   T H E   T A L L E S T   M A N   O N   E A R T H   |   troubles will be gone   •   P H I L   P H I L L I P S   &   T H E   T W I L I G H T S   |   sea of love

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

maybe the best show of 2010

at Empty Bottle

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

S 1 E 2 Act I Scene 4.1 (page 15)


Colette:  Now everyone close your eyes.  This is in an imagination test.  

Girl:  Ooooo, I love imagination tests.  (clapping her hands)  Yea!

Caleb:  Yea!

Colette:  Good, now shut your eyes.

All three shut their eyes.

Colette:  Now imagine a long, long hallway in your mind, a hallway so long there's no end in sight.  On either side of the hallway are doors for different rooms.  These are the rooms where your memories live.  Some of them are empty and some of them are full but only you know what's inside.  Now each of you pick the doorway of an empty room and open the door very quietly.

Girl:  I'm in an empty room!

Caleb:  Me too!

Colette:  Good, now that we found an empty room we can put our memory of this moment in there to have it forever and ever.

The little girl opens her eyes and looks up at Colette.  Colette keeps her eyes shut.

Colette:  Eyes shut--remember this is an imagination TEST.

Caleb opens his eyes, looks at Colette and the little girl with their eyes shut, then shuts his eyes again.

Colette:  Okay, now that we're in our very own special room we have to paint it a color, the color of this memory, which is whatever color you want it to be.  Everybody paint.  Next, go to the corner of the room.  In the the corner is a pile of goop, take the goop into your hands and make a key from it.  Then imagine really hard and the key will turn to metal in your hands and become the same color you painted the room.  You can make the key whatever shape you want, but you have to imagine very, very hard for it to become metal and work in the door.  Everyone have their key and their room painted?

Caleb:  Yes!

Girl:  I do!

Colette:  Great, okay, now that we're in our very special room that we painted our own color and we each have our very own key for it, we can let our memory go into it.  So imagine here, where we are right now, going into the room and becoming real before your very eyes.  Imagine what we said, how we played, how the grass felt in our hands, the clover flowers, what they smelled like--everything.  Make it real with your mind, then go out of the room, into the hallway and use the key to lock the door so you can keep this memory forever and ever.

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