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Sunday, October 31, 2010

(The Return of) New School

Season 1 Episode 2 Act II Scene 2.4 (page 8)

M's father sits in the white kitchen, reading the New York Times and drinking his coffee.

The shot holds as M tiptoes past the camera, it is a long shot, taken from the living room, or salon, sitting opposite the kitchen. She travels down the hallway. Strauss plays softly on a radio in the background. An old-timey radio.

As M is seen passing by her father in the window behind, in search of the joint A.J. left her that has fluttered out the window, the music fades out. A soft voice from WFMT announces the conductor, composer, and recording information.

Cut to an overhead shot of M kneeling in the grass, searching for the roach. The grass is bright green, the light is bright.

The music and radio news are cut with the visual cut. As M searches and finds the joint the camera zooms follow her action and the sounds of birds chirping can be heard.

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Pepper Rabbit | Older Brother

this track made my morning, and this morning made my life. it sounds a little like 'The Shins' and a lot like memories. good call, One Track Mind. thanks.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


1974, Claude Chabrol

this is the movie I'm watching. ça c'est la meilleure section à ce moment. go converse.

Friday, October 8, 2010


your greatest strength :: your greatest weakness
you can see :: you can be seen
you're invisible :: no one can see you
the more you're awake :: the less wakeful you are
the more you sleep :: the more you sleep through

Thursday, October 7, 2010


this video is dense in astrophysics, but lets brush the bulk of it aside to consider one thing--the internet as the singularity, the eleventh dimension--the miniscule membrane, pulsating with energy that scrambles everything up a bit in putting it together and taking it apart. as was defined, both are infinitely small in terms of the amount of physical space our "information storing" used to take up yet still conversely infinitely larger in the amount if information it can combine. it's a whole world restrained within a flat lit box, and, weirdly, it's always affecting us, like it or not. 

clearly, thinking is the process which directs human life more than any other mechanism, yet we still can't understand most of our mental processes or what part of the brain they derive from. we're behind. luckily, though, we've made computers, taught them how to think, store stuff and communicate with each other. in that respect, there must be some co-thinking gonna on through the internet, in which separate thinking can happen in two different spaces but simultaneously affect each person at the same time. 

at any given moment something else is enters the realm of the universe that we can pass by, observe, contribute to, or take from. the internet brings us this and holds it for us so in this sense, preserves for us "news," "fresh time" so that we're constantly hit with the it, a new update, the next time we switch it on. that's not a game or even "the game," that's life occurring and changing in an invisible globe with in the realm of the one we're on, only we can't see it building, changing, breaking yet it's constant.

when I say the internet's "beyond the game," I don't intend it meanly or in a belittling sense at all. simply, life before the computer age was a game of survival. but if you consider the internet the singularity, which is a pretty valid comparison--if not scientifically, then philosophically--at some point within it we are one. since time is not affected in the same fashion as we are, it is fair to say then, that the some point where we are the one, the origin, is happening right now, which means that thing you're gaming down is your own tail.

Little Dragon | Thunder Love

reality: luck or art

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


first there was the game, then there was the internet.