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Monday, November 29, 2010

The Girls | Scene 8

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Girls | Scene 5

Monday, November 22, 2010


I had a dream that my family was visiting Princeton but it was only a series of parking lots where people put on shows and introduced everyone as guests.

We stood before a kiddy pool where they held snake fights which were what they sounded like except the snake was solid jungle green, short and fat.  In the battle, my dog had to fight the snake who put him in a neck grip while the ref counted to ten.  When he let go, my dog had a red ring of blood like a necklace around his neck.  His body was stiff while he lay there, he was dead.

When I woke up I asked my dog again and again:

"Are you alive?"
"What's your name?"

He never answered me but my friend says I can teach him to dream fight.  That's what I'll do today.

Uffie | MCs Can Kiss

Friday, November 19, 2010

For Murphy Brown

(these are lyrics)

The Futile System

The even lines are broken
Talkin' bout Davey Jones
She told me we were going shopping
She didn't say shopping for bones.

I look to you for witches brew,
Straight lines and cursive esses.
It's the nineties, son, let's have some fun. 
Get some soy for our sega,
Look after our finances.


Lemonade | Big Weekend (Delorean Remix)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

S 1 E 2 Act 1 Scene 4.1 (page 14)


The little boy has a small plastic yellow seahorse.  

A crown of clover flowers is tied around the girl's had and the boy has a clover flower necklace tied loosely, haphazardly around his neck.

Girl:  Suddenly a big wave comes crashing down over the princess and she is swept out to sea.

The girl moves her doll around and the boy follows her motion with his seahorse.

Girl:  Come on!

The shot cuts to a long shot of the children playing, Colette walks closer to them in the background.  The girl stands up and the boy follows.

Girl:  Come on, Caleb, let's go for a seahorse ride!

Caleb:  What's a seahorse ride?

Girl:  A seahorse ride is when you ride a seahorse like it's a real live horse, only underwater.  Come on, grab your reins!

Caleb and the girl go running in small loops under the football stands.  Colette continues walking toward them, then stops, mid-ground and they run a few circles around her.

Colette:  Stop!  Everyone stop.

The little girl and Caleb are on either side of her and look up at her.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

S 1 E 2 Act I Scenes 3.2-4.1 (page 13)


AJ's profile can be seen in the foreground, watching Colette walk down the football stands, then looking back to Finn and the cheerleaders in the middle of the field.  He still has on his thick white Flame Club sweater.  

As Colette disappears from the shot, to the side of the screen, past the stands, the shot cuts again to Finn in the football field.  He's still breathing somewhat heavily.

There's a close-up of Finn's face, a little smudged with icing and sweaty, gleaming in the sun.  There's a lens flare as the camera tracks back around his shoulder, his profile remains in the foreground.  The projection of his eyes can be seen following Colette as she gets hidden by the crowds as she moves away from the camera, toward the underbelly of the stands, then spotting AJ, alone in the stands.  AJ gives Finn an open palm wave.  

Act I Scene 4.1

Cut to a medium long shot of two little children playing under the football stands. 

They're about 4-5 years old, a boy and a girl, the girl is older.  The sun comes through the stands in dramatic stripes.  The children are in the mid-foreground of the low angle shot, huddling together, playing around a scene they've constructed.  

Colette can be seen coming into the shot in the background, watching them.  

Cut to a medium close-up, low angle shot of the children as they play.  The girl has a battered-up American Girl doll whose hair is a mess.  The girl's wearing tiny jeans, velcro shoes and mini fleece, her hair is also a mess.  The doll is wearing a white and pink, shiny, gauzy princess dress.

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  1. Haiku:


    The crumple of leaves
    Beneath feet like a thousand
    Zippers coming down.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

S 1 E 2 Act I Scene 3.2 (page 12)

The chase scene continues. 

Finn and the poms end up in the center of the football field with frosting and bits of cake all over their uniforms. 

They stand in a group eating clumps of cake and icing off their fingers, cleaning it off each other.

Cut to a medium close-up of Finn's face as he takes a smooshed football of icing from his shoulder-pad and streaks it on one of the the cheerleader's cheeks in three red stripes on each side.

Finn: Warpaint.

Cut to a close-up of the cheerleader's face with frosting stripes.

Cheerleader:  Cake paint.

Cut to an extreme long shot of the frosting play in the center of the football field from over AJ's shoulder in the stands.  Colette's standing a few rows in front of him and slightly to the side.  

The crowds are clearing out and the metal stands are pretty empty by now, but a few families continue making their way out and some students sit in groups in the stands talking. 

The football team and marching band are still along the sidelines, packing up their instruments and equipment.

Camera pans over AJ's shoulder, following Colette as she climbs down the stairs, a long shot with AJ's profile in the foreground.  Her hair is long and shiny, straight honey blond down her back.  She's wearing jeans, knee high boots, a vintage Navy blue "Newton College Prep" sweatshirt which she's cut to be loose in the neck, off-the-shoulder, and has a fringed purse hung over her side.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

S 1 E 2 Act I Scene 3.2 (page 11)

Cut to close-up of M's face as she twirls.  

The light and its shadow catch her face.  

As she's twirling she lifts her sunglasses and the light exposes the colors of her open eye, then she shuts them.  

When she shuts eyes the shot cuts to a POV from behind her closed eyelids.  The light waves from black to deep crimson depending on the direction she's facing, the amount of light hitting her face from the open window.  As she turns the chains on her dress softly shimmer like the clang of miniature bells a room away. 

A whistle blows and the black of the screen lifts to reveal a medium close-up of Finn standing in the football field.  

The homestands can be seen behind him.  

The sun is bright in his eyes.  

The murmur of the crowd making their way down from the seats grows louder as he takes off his helmet and shakes his sweat-soaked head.  A few team members run past him.  One slaps him on the back.

Footballer:  Good game, fuckface.

Finn: (half smiling, breathing heavily)  Back at you, sweat-sty-cum-rag. (spits then sniffs).

Suddenly a group of cheerleaders who have been forming a huddle in the mid-ground left of the screen behind Finn scream in unison.

Poms: Let them eat cake!

They begin running toward the camera, toward Finn.  The camera handicams to follow the chase scene in which Finn remains in the foreground at a medium close-up to close-up as the poms chase him with an extra-large sheet cake being carried between them.  The cake has white frosting with bright blue piping, yellow roses and footballs that look more red then brown.

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  1. to explain incongruous pictures: I have these camera shots living in my head. it's hard to find them online, so instead I find interesting pictures by searching the terms that would yield ideal results. someday I hope to work with a story board artist or else do the drawings myself. in the end, though, it's all about getting it on screen.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

S 1 E 2 Act I Scene 2.4 (page 10)

Camera cuts to a series of short take close-ups of the mouths and hands of different marching band members playing their instruments and their feet movements as they play The Velvet Underground's 'Run, Run, Run.' 

These shots are interspersed with, first, a shot of M running up the stairs, then her working on her homecoming dress, it in slim metal chain.

The sequence ends with an aerial shot from of the marching band members assembling into a tight coil in the center of the field. 

Shot cuts to a long shot of M in her finished metal-hung dress, in the sunlight pouring through her open window (three pm suburban fall light) with sunglasses on. 

The motion of her twirl is somewhere between little girl and punk rocker.

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YEASAYER "O.N.E." from Paranoid US on Vimeo.

Friday, November 5, 2010

.. ? ..

8 legs. or is that arms.

Monday, November 1, 2010

S 1 E 2 Act I Scene 2.4 (page 9)


Long take/overhead.  Camera stops zooming as M finds the joint in the grass.  Camera tracks as she crawls beneath the kitchen window and sits with her back against the side of the house to light the joint.

Cut to long shot of M smoking joint with big sunglasses on, her legs are pulled up into her chest beneath the over-sized skeleton print shirt she's wearing.  M's father crosses in the window behind her to pour more coffee then passes back past the window, to sit out of view.

The dull roar of a crowd comes softly into audible range in the background.

Close-up of M's hand combing through grass. 

Act I Scene 3.1

Transition to a baby's hand on opposite corning of screen palming through grass.

Cut to medium long shot of a mother picking up the baby from the edge of a football field, the camera tracks to follow the movement of the mother til she's off camera. The mother is young, has strawberry blond hair and her face painted for the sports team. 

Baby:     Deet. (points a finger to the sky).

Camera pans up to follow the baby's pointing finger then pans to follow the airplane for a few seconds until the whistles of a marching band ring.


Camera pans down then across to show a stadium full of high school football fans, and the players assembling on the side. 

Cut to a close up pan of the marching band member's sweating faces as they lift their instruments and begin to play 'Run Run Run' by the Velvet Underground.

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