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Sunday, October 31, 2010

(The Return of) New School

Season 1 Episode 2 Act II Scene 2.4 (page 8)

M's father sits in the white kitchen, reading the New York Times and drinking his coffee.

The shot holds as M tiptoes past the camera, it is a long shot, taken from the living room, or salon, sitting opposite the kitchen. She travels down the hallway. Strauss plays softly on a radio in the background. An old-timey radio.

As M is seen passing by her father in the window behind, in search of the joint A.J. left her that has fluttered out the window, the music fades out. A soft voice from WFMT announces the conductor, composer, and recording information.

Cut to an overhead shot of M kneeling in the grass, searching for the roach. The grass is bright green, the light is bright.

The music and radio news are cut with the visual cut. As M searches and finds the joint the camera zooms follow her action and the sounds of birds chirping can be heard.

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