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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

S 1 E 2 Act I Scene 4.1 (page 16)

Girl:  But I left the key inside.

Colette:  That's okay, you have time.  Go back into the room and find it then go back to the hallway and lock the door.

The little girl, with her eyes closed, nods.

Girl:  Okay, got it.  Hang on.

The little girl keeps nodding, with her eyes closed, after each imaginary movement. 

Girl:  Okay, locked it!

Colette:  Good job guys.  Okay, now walk down the hallway and pick another room.

Girl:  On the same side or the other side?

Colette:  It doesn't matter, it's whatever.  The door can even be in the ceiling if that's what you want.

Caleb:  Or the floor!

Girl:  Okay, found my room!

Colette:  Cool, this will be your key room, where you keep all the keys to the other rooms.

Caleb:  But I already have my key room.

Colette:  Then go to it, Caleb.  I have one, too, I'm in mine, but she's never done this before so your friend doesn't have one.  What's your name?

Girl:  Maureen.

The little girl opens her eyes and puts her hand out for Colette to shake, looking up at her.  Colette, still with her eyes shut, shakes Maureen's hand.

Caleb:  Mo-ween, that's a funny name!

Maureen:  No, it's not.  Caleb's a funny name!

Caleb opens his eyes.

Caleb:  No, it's not!

Colette:  Both of you, shut your eyes.  You both have beautiful names.  My name's Colette and some people think it's funny but I don't care because I think it's beautiful.

Maureen and Caleb shut their eyes.

Maureen:  I think it's beautiful, too.

Colette:  Thank you, Princess Maureen.  Now are you in your key room?

Maureen:  Yes, I am.

Colette:  Caleb?

Caleb:  Yes, I've been waiting in mine.  (a little annoyed).

Colette:  Okay, good, now take the key you just made and hang it on the wall, shut the door and run down the hallway very, very fast with your mind, so fast that you fly back outside to where we're standing right now and no one can catch you to know where your room is.

Caleb:  I'm here!  (yelling, pretending to be out of breath).

Maureen:  I'm here too!

Maureen falls to her knees, and Caleb, following her lead, does the same.

Colette:  Me three.  Now, Maureen, this imagination test is practice.  Anytime you have something in your memory you want to keep, find a new room, paint it, make the key and put the key in the key room.  Make sure you keep the key room safe and always run really fast out so all your keys stay safe and no one else knows where they are.

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