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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Roosevelt Collection Green Wall & Planters

Echo Mesh

Patrick Blanc

The Vertical Garden is composed of three parts: a metal frame, a PVC layer and a layer of
The metal frame is hung on a wall or can be self-standing. It provides an air layer acting as a
very efficient thermic and phonic isolation system.
A 1 cm .-thick PVC sheet is riveted to the metal frame. This layer brings rigidity to the whole
structure and makes it waterproof.
A felt layer, made of polyamide, is stapled on the PVC. This felt is rotproof and its high
capillarity allow an homogeneous water distribution. The roots grow on this felt.
Plants are installed on this felt layer as seeds, cuttings or already grown plants. The density is
about thirty plants per square meter.
The watering is provided from the top. Tap water must be supplemented with nutrients.
Watering and fertilisation are automated.
The whole weight of the Vertical Garden , including plants and metal frame, is lower than 30
kg per square meter. Thus, the Vertical Garden can be implemented on any wall, without any
size or height limitation.

Planter Retaining Wall, possibly for children's garden:

Planterworx planters:

Wood planter boxes:

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