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Monday, November 1, 2010

S 1 E 2 Act I Scene 2.4 (page 9)


Long take/overhead.  Camera stops zooming as M finds the joint in the grass.  Camera tracks as she crawls beneath the kitchen window and sits with her back against the side of the house to light the joint.

Cut to long shot of M smoking joint with big sunglasses on, her legs are pulled up into her chest beneath the over-sized skeleton print shirt she's wearing.  M's father crosses in the window behind her to pour more coffee then passes back past the window, to sit out of view.

The dull roar of a crowd comes softly into audible range in the background.

Close-up of M's hand combing through grass. 

Act I Scene 3.1

Transition to a baby's hand on opposite corning of screen palming through grass.

Cut to medium long shot of a mother picking up the baby from the edge of a football field, the camera tracks to follow the movement of the mother til she's off camera. The mother is young, has strawberry blond hair and her face painted for the sports team. 

Baby:     Deet. (points a finger to the sky).

Camera pans up to follow the baby's pointing finger then pans to follow the airplane for a few seconds until the whistles of a marching band ring.


Camera pans down then across to show a stadium full of high school football fans, and the players assembling on the side. 

Cut to a close up pan of the marching band member's sweating faces as they lift their instruments and begin to play 'Run Run Run' by the Velvet Underground.

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