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Thursday, November 18, 2010

S 1 E 2 Act 1 Scene 4.1 (page 14)


The little boy has a small plastic yellow seahorse.  

A crown of clover flowers is tied around the girl's had and the boy has a clover flower necklace tied loosely, haphazardly around his neck.

Girl:  Suddenly a big wave comes crashing down over the princess and she is swept out to sea.

The girl moves her doll around and the boy follows her motion with his seahorse.

Girl:  Come on!

The shot cuts to a long shot of the children playing, Colette walks closer to them in the background.  The girl stands up and the boy follows.

Girl:  Come on, Caleb, let's go for a seahorse ride!

Caleb:  What's a seahorse ride?

Girl:  A seahorse ride is when you ride a seahorse like it's a real live horse, only underwater.  Come on, grab your reins!

Caleb and the girl go running in small loops under the football stands.  Colette continues walking toward them, then stops, mid-ground and they run a few circles around her.

Colette:  Stop!  Everyone stop.

The little girl and Caleb are on either side of her and look up at her.

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