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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

S 1 E 2 Act I Scene 3.2 (page 12)

The chase scene continues. 

Finn and the poms end up in the center of the football field with frosting and bits of cake all over their uniforms. 

They stand in a group eating clumps of cake and icing off their fingers, cleaning it off each other.

Cut to a medium close-up of Finn's face as he takes a smooshed football of icing from his shoulder-pad and streaks it on one of the the cheerleader's cheeks in three red stripes on each side.

Finn: Warpaint.

Cut to a close-up of the cheerleader's face with frosting stripes.

Cheerleader:  Cake paint.

Cut to an extreme long shot of the frosting play in the center of the football field from over AJ's shoulder in the stands.  Colette's standing a few rows in front of him and slightly to the side.  

The crowds are clearing out and the metal stands are pretty empty by now, but a few families continue making their way out and some students sit in groups in the stands talking. 

The football team and marching band are still along the sidelines, packing up their instruments and equipment.

Camera pans over AJ's shoulder, following Colette as she climbs down the stairs, a long shot with AJ's profile in the foreground.  Her hair is long and shiny, straight honey blond down her back.  She's wearing jeans, knee high boots, a vintage Navy blue "Newton College Prep" sweatshirt which she's cut to be loose in the neck, off-the-shoulder, and has a fringed purse hung over her side.

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