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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

S 1 E 2 Act I Scene 3.2 (page 11)

Cut to close-up of M's face as she twirls.  

The light and its shadow catch her face.  

As she's twirling she lifts her sunglasses and the light exposes the colors of her open eye, then she shuts them.  

When she shuts eyes the shot cuts to a POV from behind her closed eyelids.  The light waves from black to deep crimson depending on the direction she's facing, the amount of light hitting her face from the open window.  As she turns the chains on her dress softly shimmer like the clang of miniature bells a room away. 

A whistle blows and the black of the screen lifts to reveal a medium close-up of Finn standing in the football field.  

The homestands can be seen behind him.  

The sun is bright in his eyes.  

The murmur of the crowd making their way down from the seats grows louder as he takes off his helmet and shakes his sweat-soaked head.  A few team members run past him.  One slaps him on the back.

Footballer:  Good game, fuckface.

Finn: (half smiling, breathing heavily)  Back at you, sweat-sty-cum-rag. (spits then sniffs).

Suddenly a group of cheerleaders who have been forming a huddle in the mid-ground left of the screen behind Finn scream in unison.

Poms: Let them eat cake!

They begin running toward the camera, toward Finn.  The camera handicams to follow the chase scene in which Finn remains in the foreground at a medium close-up to close-up as the poms chase him with an extra-large sheet cake being carried between them.  The cake has white frosting with bright blue piping, yellow roses and footballs that look more red then brown.

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  1. to explain incongruous pictures: I have these camera shots living in my head. it's hard to find them online, so instead I find interesting pictures by searching the terms that would yield ideal results. someday I hope to work with a story board artist or else do the drawings myself. in the end, though, it's all about getting it on screen.

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