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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

S 1 E 2 Act I Scenes 3.2-4.1 (page 13)


AJ's profile can be seen in the foreground, watching Colette walk down the football stands, then looking back to Finn and the cheerleaders in the middle of the field.  He still has on his thick white Flame Club sweater.  

As Colette disappears from the shot, to the side of the screen, past the stands, the shot cuts again to Finn in the football field.  He's still breathing somewhat heavily.

There's a close-up of Finn's face, a little smudged with icing and sweaty, gleaming in the sun.  There's a lens flare as the camera tracks back around his shoulder, his profile remains in the foreground.  The projection of his eyes can be seen following Colette as she gets hidden by the crowds as she moves away from the camera, toward the underbelly of the stands, then spotting AJ, alone in the stands.  AJ gives Finn an open palm wave.  

Act I Scene 4.1

Cut to a medium long shot of two little children playing under the football stands. 

They're about 4-5 years old, a boy and a girl, the girl is older.  The sun comes through the stands in dramatic stripes.  The children are in the mid-foreground of the low angle shot, huddling together, playing around a scene they've constructed.  

Colette can be seen coming into the shot in the background, watching them.  

Cut to a medium close-up, low angle shot of the children as they play.  The girl has a battered-up American Girl doll whose hair is a mess.  The girl's wearing tiny jeans, velcro shoes and mini fleece, her hair is also a mess.  The doll is wearing a white and pink, shiny, gauzy princess dress.

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